meaning: “sustainable vacation”; a neologism made up of the
terms “fair” (= decent, fair in the behavior towards others) and “vacations”

sustainable travel

At faircations, we are dedicated to tourism and also passionate about travelling in our personal lives.

In recent years, however, we asked ourselves repeatedly: is it really okay to fly such a long distance for a holiday… ? What are the consequences of CO2 emissions for the environment… ?

The hotel staff at my favorite resort where I am lying by the pool – are their working conditions fair and can they live well off their wages?

Yes, we are very aware of the negative consequences tourism can have.

But we also know that travel shapes us, travel connects, travel opens and expands horizons.

Tourism strengthens the economy, secures the livelihoods of many people, and thus contributes to a sustainably better world.

... but how?

With faircations we put an end to having a bad conscience on holiday. Instead, we show how you can travel sustainably and what a big impact even small changes in holiday behavior can have.

Never with your index finger raised, but always with the most important thing in mind: to be able to enjoy the most beautiful time of the year in a relaxed way!

It does not have to be a vegan yoga retreat or a tent in the wilderness – even a beach holiday at a beach resort can be fair!

We offer you only accommodations that are sustainably managed and which have a certification, recognized by the GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council).

Together with a CO2-offset for the flight or a journey by train as well as the support of local projects, normal beach holidays can also become sustainable “faircations”.

You will soon find more about our holiday criteria in the faircations-Check

Our definition of sustainability: More than CO2 offset and “planting trees”!

Nobody and nothing is perfect – it’s important to find the right balance!

Acting sustainably means reconciling the environment, social commitment and the economy, and that’s exactly our approach – this is also reflected in our logo.

With faircations, travel becomes  more sustainable. Not perfect, but as simple as possible and wherever possible: 


  • ecologically justifiable
  • socially acceptable
  • economically fair